Knomaton is a project and quest to explore possibilities and software solutions for managing and working with data, information and knowledge. I think todays systems have many unnecessary limitations and they could do more for us. They should help managing data much more easily.

Because of the complexity of this project, it is split by area of usage into three basic subprojects: Data, Learning, Notes.


This subproject's goal is to find or develop universal system for storing and manipulating user data.

There exists many database systems, which are not suited for direct usage by regular computer users.

There are many spreadsheets software packages, but they carry historic baggage, are unreasonably complicated and also require programming even for not that advanced data manipulation tasks.

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Goal of this subproject is to explore and deploy software to boost learning. Traditional learning media like books have certain limitations, which are getting more annoying as human knowledge advances and grows.

I have visions of new kind of learning media, where concepts are interconnected and content automatically adapts to learner to achieve faster and more durable learning.

These technologies should be appliable to different fields from Math, Physics and other technical sciences to social sciences like Economy, Psychology and even to languages. Math uses more formal representaiton than other fields, therefore it requires additional work.

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There are many systems for managing personal information: starting with files saved on disk, note taking applications and mind mapping software.

There are very good note taking products like Evernote, which makes easy to capture notes and makes them available across devices by synchronization. However note taking application should in my opinion also incorporate linking capability similar to concept of mindmaps.

Here is a list of of tasks involved in Knowledge Management, which advanced tools should support.